Alfa Top Care, more value for the new Alfa Romeos

Alfa Romeo thinks of its customers' peace of kind. Which is why you can choose the Alfa Top Care and Top Care Plus formula when you buy your new car: services of outstanding value in terms of performance and supplies. The Alfa Top Care formula provides service and repairs for up to five years from the registration date, or 100,000 kilometres.
In addition to all the usual services - roadside assistance, repair of breakdowns and painting defects - Alfa Top Care Plus provides extra added value: three years or 50,000 km of ordinary (programmed) and extraordinary (wear) maintenance, as well as the exclusive Alfa Romeo 'Pit performance and safety' service, which envisages 33 checks on the car at 10,000, 30,000 and 50,000 km.
The advantage of Alfa Top Care and Top Care Plus is real and tangible, both when you buy the car, because the services do not entail any extra cost in addition to the agreed price, and during everyday use, when you take the car in for service, repairs or ordinary maintenance.
And if you decide to sell the car before it is five years old or before the 100,000 km mark, the value of the remaining services translates into an immediate discount on the purchase of a new Alfa Romeo, Lancia or Fiat.

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