Alfa Spider

The personality-packed Alfa Spider owes much of its public success to its clean, unmistakable shape. The joy of open-topped driving is also combined with sprightly performance and great handling.

The Alfa Spider is present at Frankfurt in the 2.0 T. Spark 16v version capable of 110 kW - 150 bhp. When propelled by this power unit, the car can reach 210 km/h and speed from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.5 seconds. The model may alternatively be equipped with a 160 kW (218 bhp) 3.0 V6 24V unit.

The ideal balance between comfort and sportiness revealed by the Alfa Spider is also reflected by the two prestige specifications (medium and deluxe).

The options list now includes a satellite navigation system built into the radio. The system was developed by Blaupunkt (Bosch), one of the sector leaders and may be used as a navigation system or to play music CDs. It consists of a central unit (the radio navigation system), orientation and direction sensors and a GPS (Global Position System) satellite aerial.

The car's position is pinpointed with great speed upon start-up and located by means of data sent to the computer receiver by the satellite GPS aerial. To locate the car's position with such precision, signals sent by the satellites are combined with a digital map of the area stored on a CD-ROM inserted in the car's navigation system. This map matching operation is carried out by sensors: it serves to combine geographical co-ordinates with information on the topographic shape of the terrain.

Once the car has been located, the device guides the driver to his or her destination step by step by means of visual messages (pictograms) and voice messages. All you have to do is tell the system your destination and indicate your preferences: motorway route, only main roads, fastest route, shortest route etc. From then to the destination, the electronic copilot informs the driver of direction changes so that all trips can be undertaken without uncertainty.

The CD-ROMs contain digital maps and all necessary navigation software in addition to useful destinations including service stations, car hire centres, airports, railway stations, motorway exits etc.

The navigation system increases driving comfort by making driving a more relaxed affair. This comfort is further enhanced by a radio with CD, also available as an option.

The CD-changer can hold up to 10 discs.

The system is protected against theft by a four-figure code: when the battery is disconnected (as occurs when the set is stolen), the radio cannot be turned back on without the code.

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