Alfa Gtv and Spider

The motor show line-up is completed by our two niche models: the Alfa Gtv and Spider, two good-looking, safe cars that are highly satisfying to drive due to their impeccable dynamic behaviour under all driving conditions.

In Geneva you can see an Alfa Spider version equipped with a six cylinder 3.0 unit with multivalve timing and 60° V architecture. This power unit can develop a maximum power output of 160 kW (218 bhp) and propel the car forward at a top speed of 233 km/h. It takes just 6.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h.

The same engine is fitted to Alfa's glamorous coupé. When combined with a six-speed gearbox with sixth non-overdrive gear and an aerodynamic kit (the latter is available as an option), the power unit ensures exceptional performance: 160 kW (218 bhp) to achieve a top speed of 248 km/h.

Both Spider and Gtv are also available with a 110 kW-150 bhp 2.0 T. Spark engine.

The options list features stylish Blue Style and Red Style interiors and an electrically-operated seat (available only on the Alfa Gtv).

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