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Alfa 156: Accessories

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Alfa 156: Accessories
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The new model's accessories line confirms the distinction, the unique character of the Alfa 156. Sports trims for an added touch of aggression. Comfort-enhancing accessories for carefree pleasure trips and a better quality of on-board life. Safety system and maintenance kits to protect the car and keep it in perfect running order, and personal items designed to make a unique personal statement of unmistakable Alfa-owner style.

Sportiness and practicality
Owners who want to add a little extra something to the Alfa 156's bodywork without cluttering up its original design can choose between an aerodynamic bumper strip, a sideskirt wheelarch kit and boot spoilers. Or alternatively a bracing bar to link the two suspension turrets, alloy wheels (perforated or spoke type), a personalised tailpipe and a kit to lower the springs for a sportier ground-hugging look.
Interior accessories are in similar style. The facia trim can be burr walnut or body-coloured plastic. Motor racing fans might opt for an F1-style pedals plus foot rest in perforated aluminium. Other echoes of the racing circuit are provided by the race-car steering wheel and the leather-covered version of gearshift knob-and-gaiter and handbrake.
The Alfa Romeo Style Centre has also created a line of practical accessories for owners' spare time pursuits. One example is the aerodynamically shaped roof-top box. Made of ABS, this item opens automatically from either side for extra-easy loading. The design team has also come up with boot space organisers in the form of several capacious bins that can be attached to the lid or the right hand side of the boot. Made of black material, all these are washable, fireproof and waterproof.

Technology and elegance
The designers were concerned to provide the Alfa 156 with a range of high-tech safety products homologated to the highest European standards. Hence vehicle security is guaranteed not just by radio-controlled alarm systems but also by a sophisticated satellite-based installation that can be used round the clock to locate the car and exchange messages with operational HQ (currently not available outside Italy). Alternatively, there's an on-board computer complete with an electronic Navigator that is the motorist's ideal guide through unknown routes and city streets. Plus a vast selection of top quality sound systems and GSM phones.
The Alfa Romeo Style Centre has created a line of accessories that combine elegance and technology. The more important accessories and objects have been put together in a photographic Collection that is handed over to the customer at the signing of the sales contract, so that new owners can take it home, examine the contents and decide on the accessories they want for their new car before they collect it.
The catalogue describes the most original of the articles created for the car and its owner. Here are just a few of them. The Alfa design team has worked with Breitling to create two chronometers: one mechanical with automatic settings, the other quartz-type electronic. Both feature a date indicator, a steel case, a hand-stitched strap and a face personalised with the Alfa logo.

Aluminium and wood
In creating these articles for the Alfa 156, the designers were inspired by the potential of two materials: aluminium and wood. Aluminium to evoke the high tech world of motor racing; wood to underline the elegance of the saloon concept.
Wood and aluminium feature in all the other items, even on the sunglasses which also adopt EU standard optical lenses. Alfa owners can also make their statement in the office with a ballpoint/fountain pen set, a desk set and a document tray designed in partnership with Ruspa. And if it rains, how about a red silk umbrella with wooden handle; an aluminium drip-channel and a practical leather bag?
Other items include keyring, driving gloves, made to measure covers, Hi-fi system, a clothing range: waterproof anoraks, woollen polo shirts, flannel shirts, silk scarves and ties. The Alfa 156 accessories catalogue is available on the Alfa Romeo Internet site. Here's the address: