Alfa GT Blackline III 1.9 JTDM with 170 CV

The Alfa GT model offers an original style, rich in exciting features and performances. It represents an innovative conception of sporty style, into which comfort and elegance also converge. The best example of this stylistic equilibrium is the model on display in the Geneva showroom: the Special “Blackline III” range, fitted with the powerful 1.9 JTDM with 170 CV and the front self-locking Torsen® (called Q2) system.
The greatest change in this new Alfa GT model is the adoption of a 1.9 JTDM propulsion, which supplies a maximum power of 170 CV (125 kW) at 3.750 rpm and a maximum torque coupling of 330 Nm (33,6 Kgm) at 2.000 rpm, which allows a top speed of 100 km/h in 8,2 seconds. A powerful and progressive engine, which will be available as of next June, and can also be fitted with a anti-particulate filter (DPF).
It's worth noting, that placed on the tunnel is a Sport button, with which you can vary the mapping of the accelerator pedal. You can chose between a more touristy mapping or a sportier one: the latter improves the car's response and renders the drive more exciting.

So much power, therefore, is confirmed by the external design which stands out due to the compact aggressive styling. The car is embellished with aesthetic touches like the 18” alloy wheels, the double chromed exhaust, and the satined effect for mirrors, grills and whiskers. Even in the interior the Alfa GT Serie Speciale “Blackline III” reveals a sporty charisma, as shown by the sporty pedals in aluminium and the serigraphed kick-panel. Furthermore, the black tones characterize the black leather seats with a central perforated insert and Alfa Romeo logo on the headrest, as well as the steering wheel and display panel in leather.
In addition, the model on display is differentiated by the front self-locking Torsen® (called Q2) system, which has all the merits of front-wheel traction, such as heightening the driving ease and pleasure and guaranteeing the advantages typical of an integrated traction. In detail, the system is mated to JTDM with 170 CV, so benefiting of the excellent weight/power ratio, thanks to the use of Common Rail technology. The benefit is also due to the predominant role that diesel motorizations have taken on in the field of sport engines. The “Q2” system combines perfectly the torque specifications and power of the 1.9 JTDM increasing yet further the already excellent performance levels of a vehicle with a normal differential.
This is how it works. The “Q2” system is based on a limited slip differential, the mechanical Torsen type. In particular, this differential has the job of permanently distributing torque between the front wheels in a dynamic manner, depending on the driving conditions and road surface. Mated to the exclusive front wishbone suspension, the system allow a particularly efficient tuning of the vehicle.

Technical specifications Alfa GT 1.9 JTDM 16v 170 CV and Q2 system (DOWNLOAD)

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