Debuting on the Alfa 159 MY 08 (berlina and Sportwagon), Brera MY 08 and Spider MY 08 is the Electronic Q2.Conferring all the merits of front-wheel traction, enhancing driving pleasure and control and guaranteeing some of the advantages typical of an integrated traction. Therefore, the system is mated perfectly to the torque capacity and differing power arrangements, raising yet further the excellent performance of the vehicles.
This is how it works. The Electronic Q2 system is based upon the use of the braking system, which is controlled in an opportune manner by the ESP control box. This functions very similarly to a limited slip differential (for example the mechanical Torsen type, called Q2). In particular, the front braking system, when accelerating in a curve, shifts the torque to the internal wheel, so increasing the motricity of the wheel (more loaded) The traction is permanently shifted in a dynamic manner between the front and rear wheels, according to driving conditions and road surface.The Electronic Q2 is mated exclusively to the front wishbone suspension, which allows a particularly efficient and sporty tuning of the vehicle.
Alfa Romeo, in fact, began with an excellent reputation among it's clients for the front suspension (it's not by chance that most motoring industries chose our solution). Suffice to say, that beyond the overall advantages of this type of design (weight, on-board comfort etc.), when in tight-driving conditions, the understeer of the front traction allows the driver to respond to the vehicles needs more intuitively. It's here, that the sensation of a front-wheel traction being more “genuine” than a rear-wheel traction is born.
Instead, in the 4x4 versions the Electronic Q2 is mated to the rear axle, further increasing the already famed easy driving and pleasure of the Q4, and so conferring a greater perception of sportiness. The performance is that of a integrated 4x4 with central Torsen and rear self-locking electronic differential.
To exalt these qualities, Alfa Romeo has put in place the Electronic Q2 system which has all the merits of front-wheel and 4x4 traction. Noticeably increasing the road handling, stability issue, and at the same time diminishing the understeer and steering-wheel displacement.

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