22 December 2016

Four Exclusive Video-Interviews to Discover the New Jeep® Compass


A fascinating web-series designed to present some peculiarities of the new Jeep® Compass in an unconventional way kicks off on the Jeep corporate websites today. The new model will be available in the EMEA Region starting from the second semester of 2017


The Jeep brand has created, in collaboration with the xister creative agency, a series of exclusive video-interviews with off-ordinary people who have contributed to changing the lives of many people worldwide. Directed by Fabrizio Accettulli for the "Cut & Editing and More" Studios, the series features four films lasting approximately 90 seconds each, which will be released from December 2016 to March 2017 on the brand's digital channels.


The series of four video-interviews is a non-conventional way to present the new Jeep Compass. Available with 17 fuel-efficient powertrains, this truly global mid-size SUV will be marketed in more than 100 countries. The model is a combination of a number of unsurpassed features: legendary, best-in class 4x4 off-road capabilities; efficient, state-of-the-art engines; iconic and original Jeep design; high level driving dynamics; open-air driving freedom; full safety equipment and cutting-edge technological contents.


The first video stars Ron Arad from Israel, who is one of the most influential and important representatives of contemporary design and who will explain how his off-ordinary industrial design aims at creating something new, changing the rules of everyday life. Exactly like the design of the Jeep Compass which, despite being extremely new, maintains a strong link with the brand's classic style elements to create something functional and appealing at the same time.


The second clip will feature Nathan Waterhouse from Britain, who co-founded OIEngine.com (IDEO Group), a collaborative innovation platform that helps organizations in engaging employees and communities to solve problems together. The same approach was used to create the sophisticated and comfortable cabin of the new Jeep Compass, featuring ergonomic seats, refined materials and state-of-the-art technology designed to target the habits and driving styles of different customers.


The third interview will star Massimo Banzi from Italy, co-founder of the Arduino Project, one of the biggest and innovative existing open source platforms. His basic idea is to create a technological tool able to transform the ordinary and respond even to the most common needs, thanks to the cooperation amongst people and their willingness to innovate. Similarly, the technology of Jeep Compass aims at improving, simplifying and making interaction with the car safer, as well as enhancing everyday driving by providing drivers and passengers with a variety of ways to stay connected and informed.


The fourth and last clip of the series will feature Cecil Balmond from Britain who, thanks to his skills as engineer, designer, thinker and mathematician, adopts an off-ordinary approach changing the ordinary architecture rules in order to create houses that can give the best "living experience" in every condition and terrain. The capabilities of Jeep Compass allow the driver to go off the standard path, making the driving experience possible even in the most difficult conditions and terrain. An ordinary journey becomes off-ordinary giving drivers the chance to experience the most in terms of adventure and freedom even in the most remote locations.


The four videos well represent the concept of "out of the ordinary," which means living an ordinary life off the conventional path: in the same way, the new Jeep Compass is ready to challenge the world with the determination that since 75 years belongs to the Jeep brand .


Turin, December 22, 2016


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