21 February 2003


Alfa Romeo returns to the International Geneva Motor Show with no fewer than three world premières and lots of additions to the current range. And more. The standard production models on the stand rub shoulders with racing cars, glamorous concept cars and cars outfitted with the TI sports kit.
'Beauty is not enough' is the underlying concept of Alfa Romeo's new communications strategy. The slogan stresses the importance of substance over form. Alfa customers are initially attracted by the Italian styling and good looks but once they have tried our cars, they appreciate their handling and discover their fantastic engineering.
Alfa Romeos are famous not just for their sporting elegance and Italian styling but also for their technological innovation and the unparalleled driving satisfaction they offer on any type of road, in any situation and at any time.
This is proven yet again by the host of major new attractions on show in Geneva.
The products are the true stars of an exhibition area made up of special chambers that are made out of aluminium and glass and take the form of big curvy hi-tech containers where various activities can take place.
The set is complemented by a big overhead structure made out of aluminium, glass and steel elevation rods that serves as pressroom and VIP lounge and also a completely open gallery for exhibiting the Alfa Romeo range.
The world première of the Alfa GT Coupé takes pride of place on the stand. The model was created in conjunction with Bertone and offers original styling and exhilarating performance. It also represents a brand new concept of sportiness that combines comfort and elegance.
The spotlights will also be on another world first: the new Alfa Spider and Alfa GTV, now with a brand new look and a revised specifications and power units. These models have always evoked the satisfaction of travel with a sporty or elegant flavour and their appeal remains evergreen.
The third attraction on the Alfa Romeo stand is Concept X, an innovative motoring concept that is a fusion of different vehicle types. The model combines the off-road performance of an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) with the dynamic features of an Alfa Romeo saloon while also offering a versatile and functional passenger compartment.
The show continues with the GTA family: compellingly styled sports vehicles that combine a glittering racing pedigree with the cream of contemporary engineering. Two 147 GTAs can be seen on the stand: the fastest, most powerful car in its segment (250 bhp - 184 kW). These are joined by a 156 GTA with a sophisticated robotised Selespeed gearbox. Not far away you can see an Alfa 156 GTA, winner of the FIA European Touring Car Championship 2002.
This car's presence will remind visitors that last year Alfa Romeo won its third consecutive European Touring Championship title.
This success is added to the two Italian titles previously won by the car. The cars in the racing stable (all derived from the Alfa 156) have had no rivals for five years.
This sporting context provides an ideal setting for the 'Autodelta' area on the stand. Here Alfa Romeo celebrates the birthday of the company that was originally set up on 5 March 1963 to prepare Alfa cars for international championships. Now, forty years on, Autodelta announces its return to the 2003 European Touring Championship with the Alfa 156 ETCC cars.
Alfa Romeo and sport are two sides of the same coin.
And so from the world of motorsport to the roads of every day. We begin with the Alfa 147, our prestige compact that is present in two versions: a 140 bhp 1.9 JTD 16V Multijet with 5 doors in the Distinctive specification and a 150 bhp 2.0 T.Spark 16V with 5 doors, equipped with a Selespeed sequential gearbox. The last car, in particular, features the sporty TI (Turismo Internazionale) logo that Alfa Romeo once used to designate its high performance cars. Now those two letters, so simple yet so glorious, reappear on a special kit that can be added to Alfa Romeo models on request.
The stand also features the New Alfa 156 and Sportwagon, fine-looking cars packed with innovative technological ideas and solutions. They are represented by a saloon equipped with a 2.5 V6 power unit with automatic gearbox and a wagon version fitting a powerful 2.4 JTD engine. Lastly, showcase compartment in aluminium, glass and Plexiglas offer visitors a chance to admire the 250 bhp 3.2 V6 24v (heart of the GTA), the 165 bhp 2.0 JTS and the 140 bhp 1.9 JTD 16 valve Multijet.

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