25 February 2002


Alfa Romeo displays its latest novelty in a glass case at the centre of its stand at the Geneva Motor Show: the 2.0 JTS (Jet Thrust Stoichiometric) engine, Alfa Romeo's interpretation of the direct injection petrol engine.

It is surrounded by a selection of the Alfa range, on four steel platforms. Starting from the cars that were the first to mount the JTS: the new Alfa 156 saloon and Sportwagon, two cars which retain only the exterior styling and basic character of their predecessors. Everything else has been radically changed to ensure better performance, more safety, extensive telematic equipment and lavish interiors. The Alfa 156 2.0 JTS is on a rotating platform. The Sportwagon 2.4 JTD is on the floor where it is accessible to the public. Next to the cars a display case illustrates the evolving design of the Alfa Romeo grille, while a facia with the CONNECT system allows the public to try the many functions for themselves and to access the services offered by this innovative onboard telematic system.

Places of honour are also reserved for the Alfa 156 GTA saloon and Sportwagon, two assertive, sporty versions with brilliant, state-of-the-art engineering that harks back to a great tradition of races and victories. A Metallic Grey Sportwagon is on the platform, next to an Alfa Red saloon. Like the new Alfa 156, they are both making their public debut, having been launched recently. The heart of the GTAs is exhibited in a glass case: the 3.2 V6 24V engine, which provides the exciting performance of a racing car, but is also perfect for everyday use.

The third platform is reserved for the Alfa 147, the prestigious compact that is exhibited in two versions: the 2.0 T. Spark 16V equipped with the Selespeed sequential gearbox in a 5-door version (on the platform) and a 3-door featuring accessories from the Alfa Line. Another facia equipped with the CONNECT system is exhibited next to the cars, as well as a 2.0 T. Spark 16V Selespeed engine. And visitors can consult the recently upgraded web site www.alfaromeo.com from a number of Internet stations.

On the fourth and final platform stands a Nuvola Blue Alfa 166 3.0 V6 24V Sportronic with self-adaptive automatic transmission and an elegant Light Grey Spider 2.0 T. Spark 16V.

Plenty of interesting models on a stand built of streaked sheet metal and steel, in shades of black and metallic grey, enlivened by touches of red: the colours that have always represented the sportiness and sophisticated technology of Alfa cars. A brand that is also synonymous with beauty and styling, a fact that is borne out on the vintage Alfa Romeo cars exhibited in the 'art gallery' at the back of the stand, behind a steel doorway.

There are a number of display cases where visitors can admire the items and accessories in the Alfa Line, particularly those designed specifically for the GTA versions. A refined, exclusive range of products that can be viewed and purchased online.

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