01 September 1997

Alfa Romeo at the 57th Frankfurt Motor Show

11-21 september 1997


Much appreciated since their arrival on the market for their line, handling, roadholding and performance the Alfa 145 and 146 have now been revamped with the emphasis on all those features that have always sold Alfa Romeos: engines and performance, not to mention looks, quality and cabin comfort.

So while on the one hand the revamped Alfa 145 and 146 offer more sports car pleasure than any other model in their class, they also provide a whole series of improvements in looks and practicalities to ensure that superlative overall comfort that is made up of soundproofing, climate control and general quality of life on board.

Performance has been enhanced by the adoption of a range of 16-valve engines with enhanced performance qualities and full economy coupled to extra-efficient gearboxes. Comfort has been enhanced by the use of a new climate control system and redesigned interior trim, the key feature of which is the facia with its new central console and fabric inserts.

Indeed so much work has been done on these two models that they are practically new cars: only the line remains the same.
The three new engines are:
- 1.4 T. Spark 16V developing 103 CV;
- 1.6 T. Spark 16V developing 120 CV;
- 1.8 T. Spark 16V developing 140 CV.

The 145/146 range also features the 2.0 T. Spark 16V with a flexible, extremely lively 1928 cc 90 bhp turbodiesel engine.

Both cars adopt a redesigned and more powerful heating/climate control system that provides an optimised airflow all round the cabin.

Other strong points of the new Alfa 145/146 include a wider choice of colours, new wheel trims, new alloy wheels and new upholstery with a pleasingly contemporary look.

The new facia is now darker in colour and features fabric inserts as well as a redesigned console.

The versions on show at Frankfurt are:
- 145 1.4 T. Spark 16V L;
- 145 1.8 T. Spark 16V L in Alfa Romeo Accessories Sport kit;
- 146 1.6 T. Spark 16V L in Alfa Romeo Accessories Sport kit;
- 146 ti.


In the Alfa Spider, the pleasure of driving with the top down is enhanced by scintillating performance and superlative handling. The latter is provided by sophisticated engineering features like multilink rear suspension for amazingly precise steering, promptly responsive performance on bends and impressive stability.

A car with a huge personality, the Alfa Romeo Spider owes much of its success to its unmistakable clean-cut looks.

The version on show in Frankfurt is the outstanding, superlatively equipped 3.0 V6 12V that develops 192 bhp for a top speed of 225 km/h.

The range also includes a 2.0 T. Spark 16V version that develops 150 bhp for a top speed of 210 km/h.


Visitors to the Alfa Romeo stand at the 57th International Motor Show in Frankfurt will also get a chance to admire the Alfa GTV with its new 3.0 V6 24V engine that develops a peak torque of 27.5 kgm for a superlative top speed of 240 km/h and sizzling acceleration:
0-100 km/h in 6.7 secs, 0-1000 m in 26.8 secs.

Form the outside the GTV 3.0 V6 24V retains the line that made the reputation of this Alfa coupé but is distinguished from the other versions by the big oval ventilation apertures on the wheels through which we see its red-painted brake calipers with their white Alfa logo.

Inside, the small racing car style three-spoke steering wheel can be accompanied by Momo leather trim on seats, door panels, steering wheel and gear lever gaiter.

The Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0 V6 24V offers sporty performance, character, exclusive looks and the sophisticated technology we have come to expect of Alfa Romeo.

The Alfa GTV is also available in a 2.0 T. Spark 16V and a 2.0 V6 TB version.


All of the Alfa Romeo models and versions can be personalised and perfected to the owner's taste from a vast range of exclusive Alfa Romeo accessories.

These include the new Alfa 145/146 sport kit seen on two cars displayed at Frankfurt.

The kit includes front and rear bumpers (incorporating the foglights), sideskirts, rear spoiler, alloy wheels, anti-roll bar, low-profile springs, left footrest and sports car style pedal board, leather gear lever knob and steering wheel, seat covers and carpet protectors.

The new Alfa 156 gets its own line of accessories created by the Alfa Romeo Style Centre together with the car itself. Many of these items are exhibited on the stand, in the area dedicated to the new model.

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